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Competition among web sites is growing day by day. To attract and retain visitors, sites have had to become increasingly sophisticated and search engine friendly. Therefore, professionals who are skilled in this type of web design and search engine optimization are in demand. With over 10 years of experience as an International Freelance Contractor, Remote International Contractors specializes in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Shopping Carts (E-commerce), Web Researching, Data Mining, Web Automation, Graphic Designing, Online Teaching & Various virtual administrative tasks.
Search Engine Optimization

Specialized white hat SEO & Digital Marketing services with over 10 years of service.

BPO Services

The best International Freelance Contractors in Customer Service, Virtual assistance, Researching, Digital Marketing, Web designing & Graphic Designing.

Online Teaching

Our virtual online training offers you Basic & Advanced Search Engine Optimization & Freelancing courses.

Web design

CMS Web Design & E-commerce (Shopping Carts) with Fully responsive layouts & mobile friendly.


Certificate In Basic Search Engine Optimization

Learn basics of Search Engine Optimization. 100% Online virtual training program. Learn effective SEO best practices & Obtain your valuable Certificate.

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Certificate In Advanced SEO

Learn advanced techniques & secrets of Search Engine Optimization. Best program to be an SEO Specialist. You will get a Free effective SEO Process, eBooks & exclusive checklist to start working immediately.

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Certificate In Freelancing (Work From Home)

Learn how to be a professional Freelancer & start working virtually from home. We help creating all your accounts including USA bank account with Free ATM card to claim your monthly income!

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Online Training Courses

The best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Freelance Training.

All our online training programs are conducted by professional & International market leaders in Digital Marketing & Freelance experts. You will have flexibility of scheduling the training session on your own date & time. Also you will have the opportunity to follow the courses at home using your own PC as we conduct the trainings through a virtual learning platform. Pre-Register below if you need more information.


  • We have being working with Remote International Contractors since 2012 on SEO services for our 200+ websites. Their strategy is very effective & knowledgeable & up to date with the latest Google search engine algorithm changes. Great support!

    Russel Nouveau
  • I was little scared to work with somebody from Online snce I had a bad experience back last year. But When I met Nadun, I wanted to give him a try and see where it goes. Since we started working together He was always there, and does more than what I pay for and what I need for. (more…)
    Umut Bildik
  • Remote International Contractors always takes the most difficult tasks and completes them on time and under budget. They are also terrific communicators and valuable asset to any team. They are quickly able to dissect a VERY challenging task and find the most efficient path towards success. Will hire for future projects.
    Fred Fuld
  • Quite impressed with their work, so I have assigned them with more projects. Hope to build a long term good business relationship with Remote International Contractors.
    Peter Singh
    IT Contractor
  • Awesome...!!! great digital marketing done by Remote ICO team. Very positive attitude of all their staff & expertize in SEO white hat techniques. they showed quick results.
  • extremely competent IT projects outsourcing company. would reuse in a second! thanks to the Managing Director; Nadun
    Jay Black
    Executive Director
  • Remote International Contractors did a wonderful job and is a pleasure to work with. Will probably hire them in the future projects.
    Mary Ellen
  • Nice piece of work!! Job well done on Design web template, Web scrapping & create content and digital marketing SEO. Will hire Remote International Contractors for future work soon..
    Vince Ciao
  • Great job, assigned task with very few instructions. Remote ICO team figured it all out, did a little bit of trouble shooting and got the task completed.
    Jon C
    Marketing Manager
  • We are working with Remote International Contractors for quite some Years now, they are always accurate and replies fast. The quality of the work is very good. So we can recommend this company for sure!
    Jelle Troost
    Head of eCommerce
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Providing premium level Freelance Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Online Teaching, Researching, Data Mining & Virtual Administrative services for domestic & International clients.